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Arm yourself with Bob-ombs

Mini Bob-ombs

The wonderful gamers at Mariomarathon.com have provided a recipe to make your own Bob-omb if you don’t win in their raffle.  It doesn’t cost more than $2 and the end result is super cute!  I am definitely going to make one of these later.  They seem pretty easy to make, but it will require a tiny bit of painting skills just to make the eyes.  Or you could cheat and use a cut-out of an eye and just trace.

If you haven’t donated to Mariomarathon.com already please do!  These guys have played a total of ten Mario games for 75 hours straight.  Their goal is to raise $120,000 for the Child’s Play charity.  So far they’ve raised $76,191.50 and they are trying to get all 120 stars of Super Mario Galaxy.  It is entertaining to watch because they aren’t the best players, but they have the best intentions.

If you want more Mario gear to make, check out this recipe for a Fludd and for a Propeller Helmet.

Is Apple Making a NextGen Console?

I have no idea, but in the last five years with the rise of the Apple iPhone there has been a lot of talk about apple entering the gaming market. Sure, casual gaming is at an all time high thanks to amazing games like Tiny Wings, and Plants Vs Zombies, but Apple has yet to make a “Real” console, right? Oh yeah, Apple already entered the console market, in 1995.

Named after a cousin of the Mackintosh Apple the Pipin was released in 1995. As a long lost and long forgotten piece of technology only the most hardcore Apple Fanboys know of it, the average Joe is still Jonesing for Apple to “enter” the console market. It was marketed as part multimedia device, part network computer. It was released in America with only 18 titles, and in Japan with 80. It was set to compete with the n64 and Playstation but with the video card maxing out at 16-bits it couldn’t stand up to Nintendo’s 64bit power console.

With less than 100,000 Pipin consoles manufactured you would think they were quite a rarity today, but you can pick one up on eBay for about $200.

Is Apple entering the console market? Will there be a Pipin 2? I can’t help but feel Apple doesn’t need to get caught up in all the Next-gen console craze that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are caught up on. Sure the Wii U is rumored to have a 4k output, but right not that is only available on their testing units. I doubt the release version will have a screen better than 1080p. So if seriously entering the gaming market means having a console that can output 1080p, then Apple is well on their way. Don’t believe me?
Check out this article.

The Apple Pipin 2
Post by Corie Johnson

So long Pop Cap.

It looks like PopCap (makers of Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled) is about to be bought by either EA or Zynga. According to TechCrunch, it looks like it just might be EA that’ll buy PopCap. For more information click on this link.

What does this mean for us plant using, zombie fighting gamers? Hopefully nothing. My favorite game from Pop Cap has gone mainstream pretty much everywhere. If Zynga buys PopCap, then expect a version of PvsZ to be on facebook for so many credits. I really do hate the way facebook games are set up. I’m not going to pay fifty dollars just so I can fight the Yeti Zombie. The whole point is to SAVE your coins to get cool new items for your Zen Garden or more weapons.

It’ll be interesting to see how EA deals with PopCap.  Maybe their next version of Sims will allow you to plant PvsZ sunflowers or pea shooters.  Probably not.  I shrug my shoulders at the whole ordeal.

Unless Zynga buys them, then I will jump off of a cliff with my CD of Plants Vs Zombies.  THEY NO CAN HAS!!

Don’t be a n00b, Support Mario Marathon!

Starting tomorrow at 11:00 EDT, four men will play nearly all of the games of the Super Mario Franchise in order to raise money for the charity Child’s Play.  Child’s Play is a charity that donates toys, books, and games to children in hospitals around the country.  They play continuously and take turns so each of them can sleep and eat.  Last year’s marathon was around four days long.

How it works is they play these games, and place a screen on the lower left hand corner so you can watch them play live.  They play everything from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Galaxy.  Unfortunately they don’t include portable console Mario games, but attempting to get all of the green stars from Super Mario Galaxy 2 is enough.  The Lost Levels even make an appearance.  Here’s a complete list of all of the games they will be playing.  Tune in to your favorite game and see how you compare to these epic players.

Brian Brinegar coordinates the entire event, and plays along with John Groth, Chris Deckard, and Bobby Arnold.  These guys are not the greatest at Super Mario, but they’ve got a lot of heart and stamina to be playing for that long.  If you’ve played any Mario game, you know how frustrating it can be to get past a certain level.  If they ever have an epic fail, they’ll even wear a hat on their heads acknowledging this defeat.  They’re pretty good sports about those things.  They even encourage people to tell them if they have an epic win or fail via the chat on twitter.  So if you feel like you have a funny comment for them to read, Ben Cotton (Mac Guy) or Sundeep Rao (Orange Shirt Guy) will say it out loud to their entire streaming audience (which can be higher than 2,000 viewers).

There are many more guest stars that pop in like Jed who often sings and plays his guitar and cute dogs that pop on the couch.  They also dive right into the internet culture and perform things like the “Time Warp” when they reach a certain goal.  Here’s a better video that shows how funny it can be to watch:

The fantastic players also offer up a bunch of prizes for watching, tweeting, or donating.  You can get a $25 gift certificate to Thinkgeek.com, some cool t-shirts, figurines, and other Mario merch.

The most important thing to remember is that they do this all for sick kids in hospitals.  So please donate or promote this event to everyone you know!

Mario Marathon can be watched live through mariomarathon.com and will start tomorrow June 24th at 11 A.M. EDT, or 8 A.M. for all of my Arizona readers.

5 Reasons NOT to Buy a 3DS

1.  Price

As of today, the price for a 3DS is still $249.99.  Spend $50 more and just buy yourself an Xbox.  Or better yet, just save it for the Wii U.  Seriously the price of the Wii is cheaper.

2.  Game play

Even in the manual of the 3DS, it tells you not to play for more than 20 minutes or you will get a headache.  I know most manuals say that for portable consoles, but this is the first time I got a headache from a DS.  Besides, who in the world has ever just wanted to play the Ocarina of Time for 20 minutes?

3.  3D still isn’t cool

It really is nice to not have to wear those glasses, but 3D is still lame.  You also have to look at the 3DS straight on or else the picture is messed up and a weird version of 3D.   The technology to create 3D is much better than it was in the 80s, but it’s still not top notch.  I’d say it’s a gimmick, but I’m also very afraid that 3D will stick around for a long time.

4.  Games

Ok so, Miyamoto is really teasing us all by releasing some cool games during E3.  But a lot of them are just remakes done in 3D.  The new Ocarina of Time remake does look incredible, but I’ll be just fine playing it in 2D on the Wii U.  3D really doesn’t make that much of a difference in gameplay.  And yes I know there is an option to switch to 2D on the 3DS, but for that price I will wait for the Wii U.

5.  The next DS

If the 3DS is revolutionary, then what will the next portable console be like?  Nintendo usually makes a completely new portable console that is nothing like the previous ones, then improves upon that version in its newer releases.  I don’t like having to watch the screen at one angle for 3D, this could possibly be what is fixed in the next version.

Courage the Cowardly Dog Decor

Add a bit of class and nostalgia to your place by getting these adorable stickers.  These stickers can be found on multiple websites online.  Most of them are on ebay.com or funbumperstickers.com.  They range from $20 and up and are much nicer than a silly poster.  If “Courage the Cowardly Dog” doesn’t interest you, I’ll find some more 90’s cartoon wall stickers just for you.

Ok so this may not be totally video game related, but I’m a 90’s kid.  If you weren’t playing “Super Mario World” and watching “Hey Arnold!” then you aren’t a friend of mine.

Scandal in the Mushroom Kingdom

In order to celebrate the new (and very awesome) theme of my blog, I’m going to talk about the conspiracy of Peach and Bowser.

Don’t you ever wonder why Princess Peach gets kidnapped so much?  Well of course it is to keep the Mario games going, but sometimes you have to wonder what Princess Peach does in her spare time.  She probably ends up spending more time with Bowser than Mario.

It only took her one time to get kidnapped, to have Mario face seven of Bowser’s kids.  Why didn’t we see them in the first game?  Kids don’t pop up out of nowhere.  There were eight levels in Super Mario Bros., she was obviously getting busy with Bowser for those seven worlds where he sent a decoy after Mario.  In Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario has to fight all seven of Bowser’s children.  I didn’t make this correlation between Bowser’s mysterious kids and their mother before Wendy Koopa came along.

Take a good hard look at a picture of Wendy and Peach.

Both of them favor the color pink and over accessorize.  They both have blue eyes and are hell bent on protecting their castle.  Wendy is of course more superior physically, but they’re both equally bitchy.  Nobody likes Peach in the Mario Kart games.

But she just couldn’t stay away.  All of a sudden Baby Bowser appears.  Seriously why hasn’t Miyamoto brought Bowser’s mother in any of the games?  I’m sure she’d make a great foe, if she wasn’t hooking up with long time boyfriend Mario!! (haha not really 😉  The only instance Mario was unfaithful was when he was saving Princess Daisy in Super Mario Land.  He probably found out she was cheating after fighting 7 of her kids in 1988.  Too bad Daisy just wasn’t enough for him.

Luigi’s Sloppy Seconds

In Super Mario Sunshine, Baby Bowser kidnapped Peach because Mario was always taking away his “mother.”  Watch this clip right here and pay attention to Peach’s reaction.


She doesn’t even deny it.  Tsk tsk.  If that’s not evidence enough, then who else could be the mother?  It certainly isn’t Kammy Koopa, she doesn’t make enough appearances in games.  Princess Daisy is busy ruling Sarasaland, where her friends only call her for a game of tennis, golf, or go carts.

Maybe she should resign her position, before it turns into this:



El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

I love games that adapt stories from famous literature or religion.  It’s fascinating to see how creative some people can be.

El Shaddai is a video game adapted from the book of Enoch from the Bible.  It follows the priest Enoch trying to return the seven angels left on earth back to heaven.  They were just hanging out with the humans and fulfilling their…curiosities.  Wouldn’t heaven be more interesting anyways?  Enoch is actually Noah’s ancestor, and you have both God and Lucifer at your side.  Lucifer hasn’t actually fallen yet so he helps you out in the game with time-defying powers and tons of hints.  You are also helped by the angels Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Michael.

You get a choice of three weapons:  a shield, a bow and arrow, and a futuristic kind of sword;  all of which need to be purified if you shed too much blood.  Unfortunately you won’t be able to see that on the gameplay screen because there is literally nothing on the gameplay screen.  There’s no health bar or anything; I imagine the art directors didn’t want that to take away from the experience of the surreal artwork.

By far the most impressive aspect of this game is the beautiful artwork.  I mean, seriously just LOOK at it.

They managed to get the art director from Okami, and if you haven’t played that, here’s a sample screenshot:

I for one am just glad that video game artwork is actually recognized as a form of art now.  It’s been snubbed a few times just because it is for video games, but games like El Shaddai should change everyone’s minds. The creators have also managed to get the music composers from the Devil May Cry series, so it really is meant to be an overwhelming experience.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is scheduled for release on July 26, 2011.

Top 5 Melee Weapons

1.  Drill

The drill I’m referring to is the one in Bioshock 2.  If you haven’t played it, you actually walk around as a Big Daddy with a drill for a hand.  It’s a great melee weapon just for the satisfaction you get out of it.  If any of those splicers come near you, you can drill right into their stomach and watch them back off.  Of course they’ll come back, but you also have the option to completely destroy them with the drill.  The pain inflicted is just so…fulfilling.

2.  Machete, Katana

I’ve always been a fan of knives and swords in games.  These weapons can usually be found in zombie video games like Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising.  The cleanliness of these weapons can be impressive and samurai like.  (I like samurais more than ninjas).  Of course the effectiveness and cleanliness is exaggerated in games and film but it still feels awesome.   That’s probably the closest any of us will get to wielding a real sword.

3.  Baseball bat

Not only is this weapon powerful, but it is satisfying as well.  Why do you think the Italian Mafia took out some people with this weapon?  A two-handed weapon will allow you to use all of your strength.  In games like Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, you can even modify this weapon by adding some nails in the head.  More damage is done, with less energy taken, and is still just as ego boosting as ever.

4.  Axe

Here is another two-handed weapon that can be found in numerous games.  It’s a little bit heavier than a baseball bat, but can be equally if not more powerful.  So it may take a little time for the character to bring it back up, but it will get the job done.  There’s a reason why this weapon makes so many appearances in horror films.

5.  Chainsaw

In Left 4 Dead 2, this weapon is the most gratifying.  It cuts through zombies like Charlie Sheen bangs 7 gram rocks.  In other words, WINNING.  It’s clean, effective, and a huge ego booster.  The video above shows all of the melee weapons, but if you head towards the end you can see how the player just PWNS all of the zombies with that chainsaw.  That hallway is perfect for that chainsaw.  Slimy and satisfying.