Arm yourself with Bob-ombs

Mini Bob-ombs

The wonderful gamers at have provided a recipe to make your own Bob-omb if you don’t win in their raffle.  It doesn’t cost more than $2 and the end result is super cute!  I am definitely going to make one of these later.  They seem pretty easy to make, but it will require a tiny bit of painting skills just to make the eyes.  Or you could cheat and use a cut-out of an eye and just trace.

If you haven’t donated to already please do!  These guys have played a total of ten Mario games for 75 hours straight.  Their goal is to raise $120,000 for the Child’s Play charity.  So far they’ve raised $76,191.50 and they are trying to get all 120 stars of Super Mario Galaxy.  It is entertaining to watch because they aren’t the best players, but they have the best intentions.

If you want more Mario gear to make, check out this recipe for a Fludd and for a Propeller Helmet.